If you want to deliver your food fresh & hot,just VENTiT

1- Traditional sweaty box vs. VENTiT Pizza box

Steam condenses inside at the top & bottom of the pizza box and ends up wetting the pizza, making it soggy & che wy.

The VENTiT Pizza Box lets excess steam escape,keeping the pizza fresher.

2- Relative Humidity vs. Temperature

Traditional pizza box doesn’t let steam escape, resulting in Wet Heat inside the box. (Thermometer HIGH; Hygrometer HIGH)

The VENTiT Pizza Box lets excess steam escape but maintains the temperature - Dr y Heat. (Thermometer HIGH; Hygrometer LOW)

3 - Gets reheated better

When put in contact with a pre-heated element (lik e the one in a pizza deliv ery bag), in the tr aditional pizza box the heat is first
transferred to the box and then to the pizza.

When put in contact with a pre-heated element (like the one in a pizza deliv ery bag), in the VENT iT Pizza Box the heat is
transferred directly to the pizza thr ough the v ents.

4 - Pizza Box with Stilts

The traditional pizza box doesn’t ha ve any w ay to release the steam generated at the base of the pizza.

The VENTiT Pizza Box has v ents & stilts at the bottom to raise the box
above the surface, allo wing steam to escape from below and disperse into the atmosphere.

5 - Wet Heats Vs. Dry Heat

Since a traditional box dosen't allow steam to escape the quality of
temperature is wet and damp.This affects the pizza's freshness and makes it loose its temperature faster.

VENTiT provides effective ventilation maintaining the quality of temperature as dry.
This keeps the pizza crisp,a fresh and retains the temperature for longer.

Product Testing

To authenticate the features of the VENTiT box, we have conducted various tests with leading institutions in Mumbai, India. They are as follows:

  • Texture Profile and Temperature Analyses conducted at University Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT)
  • Sensory Tests conducted at Equinox Labs
  • A comparative study on the VENTiT box vs a conventional box at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition
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