What is VENTiT PLUS all about?

  • VENTiT Plus is a modified version of VENTiT.
  • In VENTiT, the ventilation utility is derived before the fabrication of 3-ply sheets and which, was a limitation for an international pizza box manufacturers where the 3-ply sheets come out from a high-speed automatic corrugated sheet manufacturing plant.
  • It is difficult to incorporate, modify and build in the ventilation process in an automatic corrugated sheet manufacturing plant.
  • We therefore have a solution where the ventilation utility comes into existence after the sheets are already manufactured from the automatic corrugated sheet manufacturing plant.
  • There is only one additional mechanical/labour process, which is to reverse the sheet and die-cut one more time to achieve utility of the ventilation in VENTiT Plus.


  • The number Of holes for the exit and the ventilation are double in VENTiT Plus than the VENTiT (as can be seen in the photographs) and therefore the effective ventilation of VENTiT Plus is better than VENTiT.
  • VENTiT Plus is patented technique worldwide or in most of the countries all over the world and we are looking forward for a licensing partner to manufacture VENTiT/VENTiT Plus in all possible locations.


What is VENTiT all about?

VENTiT is the world'S first breathing box. By using the structure of corrugation, the box provides effective ventilation for hot food delivaries. This unique packaging innovation allows for food to remain fresher for longer.

Understanding the limitations of the current box design

To provide ventilation, the existing pizza boxes provide for either slits or holes on the side. Neither of these effective as most of steam generated by the pizza is realised above and below the pizza and not through the sides. Additionally, holes provided on sides make the box prone to contamination and heat loss.

No ventilation outlets are provided on the top or bottom (where it is needed most) due to the fear of contamination.

Science behind sogginess of the pizza base

When a hot pizza is placed in a pizza box, there is steam generated within. Maximum of this steam is generated above and below the pizza. With no available exit, this steam bounces back and forth between the box and the dough and is eventually absorbed by the dough. This causes the base of the pizza to become soggy and the top of the pizza to become sweaty.

Challenges in providing an effective ventilation solution

  • To provide ventilation on the top and bottom of the box (where it's needed most) without any fear of contamination and heat loss
  • Ease in implementation with respect to the manufacturing process
  • Maintaining the overall costs, as a pizza box is a low cost low margin item

VENTiT Solution

For the first time in the history of corrugated packaging, we have been able to successfully develop a ventilation solution that meets all the above constraints i.e. low costs, maintaining the integrity of the box and its contents, no fear of contamination and retaining the maximum heat of the food,so it can taste fresher.

Key Features of a VENTiT Box

  • Ventilation: It Provides ventilation Above and below the hot food, eliminating steam condensation and enhancing the temperature inside. The result is less soggy food and a better overall eating experience.
  • No Fear of Contamination: The box is fully enclosed such that even light can't pass through. since there re no through holes there is no fear of contamination.
  • Insulation: Heat remains trapped within the flute channel, resulting in better retention of heat inside the box.
  • Marketability: The VENTiT box offers a great advertising tool through TV and print media. Additionally, innovative graphical ventilation cut-outs of the box can be creatively used in different shapes and sizes.
  • Cost-effective solution: Since no additional material is needed to manufacture the VENTiT box, there is a minimum effect on cost.
  • Eco Friendly
  • Patented in over 70 countries : Patent granted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) & Patent Corporation Treaty (PCT). The patent has been granted in over 70 countries.
  • Wide scope of usage : Hot food packaging,Horticulture,Floriculture,Meals etc
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